Crouch Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc provides emergency Medical Services for the Garden Valley Area.

To call an Ambulance you may call 911, or 1-800-632-8000. If you call 911 you get Boise County Sheriff’s Dispatch, who relays your call, by telephone, to Idaho State Communications, who then dispatch Crouch Ambulance by radio pager. 1-800-632-8000 is a direct number to Idaho State Communications.

Crouch Ambulance has two fully operational and staffed Ambulances and a rescue/extrication truck. Our Ambulances are staffed by Idaho State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians and are all local volunteers. Local volunteers who are also certified staff our rescue/extrication truck.

Crouch Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization funded by the local community through ongoing fundraising, donations, contributions, and patient receivables. Crouch Volunteer Ambulance Service receives no tax money.

Ongoing fundraisers are:

Annual Ride Ticket Program:

A ride ticket costs $25.00 annually per household and is good for one ride. With a ride ticket Crouch Ambulance will bill your insurance and accept their payment as payment in full. If you have no insurance, Crouch Ambulance accepts the ride ticket as payment in full. If you use your ride ticket you may purchase another. Funds received from ride ticket sales are dedicated to ambulance and equipment replacement, or other special projects, as is the case this year as we construct a new building to house the ambulances and rescue truck. To purchase a ride ticket send check to:

Crouch Volunteer Ambulance Service
Ride Ticket Program
1058 Old Crouch Rd
Garden Valley, Id 83622

Include the names of family members (those claimed on income tax return), address, phone number and Instructions to get to your home.

Annual Bike-a-thon: The bike-a-thon is held annually in September and is supported by the Garden Valley Elementary School.

4th of July Golf Tournament: held annually at the Terrace Lakes Golf Course, sponsored by the Men’s and Women’s Golf Associations at Terrace Lakes.

Donations, contributions, and memorials are always welcome and can be sent to:

Crouch Volunteer Ambulance Service
1058 Old Crouch Rd
Garden Valley, Id 83622

More Information:

EMTs are local volunteers who attend an Idaho State Emergency Medical Services sanctioned course of 120+ hours and must pass a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician test and be certified by The State of Idaho. Individuals who are interested in becoming EMT Certified can contact: President, Crouch Volunteer Ambulance Service at above address.

If you would like to help Crouch Ambulance but do not wish to be an EMT, you are invited to join Crouch Volunteer Ambulance Auxiliary, an organization dedicated to supporting Crouch Ambulance including fundraising, public relations, and social events.